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The NIBM Alumni Association

The Alumni Association of the National Institute of Business Management was revived in 2002 and is working to provide a range of benefits for its members.

NIBMAA has grown in stature during past few years and today is a well-known professional association with members working in diverse disciplines, corporate governance, general management finance, marketing, IT, administration and HR in both the private and pubic sectors in Sri Lanka.

The Objectives of the Association

  • To encourage, foster and promote close relations between the NIBM and its Alumni
  • To promote the interest of the alumni body in the affairs of the NIBM
  • To assist the alumni in promoting the general interest and well-being of NIBM
  • To provide and disseminate information regarding the NIBM, its facilities, staff, graduates, diplomats and students to the alumni by a periodical newsletter
  • To promote the study and development of every member and to bring together members practicing the various disciplines of diverse fields in every possible way to enable them to pool their resources of knowledge, experience for the furtherance of efficient and effective and good relationship with Management
  • To safeguard the profession and foster more interest amongst persons practicing this profession

UCD Alumni Association Sri Lanka

UCD alumni association is an international body which includes members who have successfully completed their degrees at UCD. This association focuses on improving our members' welfare and social needs. Thereby members of this society will have opportunities to raise a single voice of their services and contributions regarding the modernization of every field of knowledge, attitudes, skills and values.


“Towards a dignified professional body”.


Achieve members’ welfare and social needs as well as the citizens by implementing their creative ideas.


Creating a successful membership who serve maximum number of people giving utmost benefits


To promote friendly relations among the society members.
To improve appreciative abilities of the membership with the objective of improving their social qualities and positive attitudes.
To continue cordial relations with the member through out his/her life for not being isolated.

Visit Official Website at : http://www.ucdaasl.org/