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National Institute of Business Management (NIBM) is the premier Business School in Sri Lanka. We keep abreast of global trends and constantly upgrade our products to suit today’s needs. Over the years we have developed our identity while proving to be a leader in management training and education. We have empowered thousands to carve better futures for themselves.

The NIBM has been functioning for 55 years having established in 1968 under the purview of the Ministry of Industries and Scientific Affairs in collaboration with the United Nations Development Program as an agency for the implementation of the programs of the ILO.  It was subsequently incorporated as the National Institute of Business Management by an Act of Parliament (The National Institute of Business Management Law No 23 of 1976). Certain amendments to this Act were brought in under Act No. 28 of 1991.

NIBM functioning as a statutory body under the Ministry of Education is an educational institution in the government sector. We are a self–sustained, internationally accepted, UGC recognised degree awarding institute. From 2009 onwards we won the Merit Award at the presentation of National Quality Awards and in addition, ISO – 9001-2008 standards certificate has also been awarded to NIBM.

About Us
NIBM About Us

Our Vision

“To become an organization dedicated to produce thinkers capable of transforming their own lives and lives of others.”

Our Mission

“Creating a learning environment for fostering innovation through experiential learning to produce highly influential lifelong learners.”

Our Goals

  • Provide quality Business Management education and instructions in associated disciplines for those who seek professional knowledge and qualifications.
  • Develop Managerial and supervisory staff competencies of organizations both in the public and private sectors through well-structured training programs.
  • Train and educate working professionals for creative and effective participation in management.
  • Facilitate the improvement of productivity in organizations through education and training programs.
  • Provide Management Consultancy and Advisory Services to government, public and private sector organizations in establishing performance standards and optimizing the human resource contribution towards organizational growth.
  • Provide Language education to enhance communication and understanding between communities and to provide the citizens to connect with a globalized world.
  • Provide Training’s to facilitate ‘Education for Innovation’.

Our Objectives

  • Development of Managers and Supervisory staff of industrial and commercial undertakings both in the public and private sectors.
  • Training and educating professionals for creative participation in management.
  • Provision of specialist services in management, establishing performance standards and improving productivity.
  • Performing other activities for optimizing the human contribution for performance development.
  • Undertaking research and gathering data on aspects of management and relevant socio-economic phenomena for better appreciation of the environment.
  • Providing management information services to outside organizations and training of personnel in the IT field.
  • Offering consultancy services to the corporate sector to improve their systems, procedures and processes, assist in their planning process and generally help in their efforts to meet the threats posed by the changing environmental factors.
  • Facilitating the improvement of productivity in organizations through education and training programs.

Our Quality Policy

The Quality Policy of National Institute of Business Management is as follows.

We at National Institute of Business Management shall delight our customers by offering highest quality Degree, Higher Diploma, Diploma and Certificate level programmes to meet national and international standard, academic and corporate sector specific requirements and expectations

In order to accomplish this we maintain a quality management system conforming to ISO 9001:2015 international standards.

To meet our customer expectations, we are committed to;

  • Excel in the provision of best skills based higher education
  • Meet speed and quality of services at the most competitive cost
  • Continually innovate and improve our products & services

To achieve the abovementioned expectations, we will;

  • Set and deploy SMART objectives to timely monitor and improve our Marketing, Customer Inquiries Management, Enrollments, Course Design and Development, Academic Support, Academic Delivery, Library, Examinations and Awarding Processes bench-marked to global academic standards.
  • Ensure that the infrastructure and study environment is conducive with stateoftheart technology.
  • Align ourselves with the most competent Consultants available in the industry, who are academically and professionally qualified.
  • Design and implement wellstructured training programs to develop competencies of all our academic / nonacademic staff.
  • Sustain our organizations capability through timely reactions to all risks and opportunities arisen in the internal and external contexts and among our key stakeholders.
  • Maintain and improve the effectiveness of our Quality Management System (CMS) Continually.

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