Workshop on Soft skills for young executives



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05 days


  • This course is mainly aimed at young executives with less than 5 years of experience in their professions. It will also be useful for students who want to enhance their management skills.


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Course structure and modules

  • Introduction to the 21st-century work environment: current socio-economic trends, local and international, office practices of the 21st century, technological interventions, modern management practices, telecommuting, Flexi-office practices, ergonomics, decision making in a changing business world
  • Leadership, teamwork, negotiation and personal development skills: Types of leaders, managing a team, working with team members, developing self-confidence, interpersonal skills, negotiation skills, managing emotions and setting a personal development plan
  • Time Optimization and Selection of Priorities: manage the working time best to reduce stress and improve efficiency, setting priorities, acknowledge that experiencing stress is an opportunity for change, work-life balance, personal health
  • Effective Communications: communication techniques as part of the duties and asserting one’s self in professional relationships, writing effective e-mails and reports, presentation skills
  • Managing the Human Dimension of Organizational Change: identifying the different types of change, anticipating and reduce conflicts associated with change, preventing and / or managing the internal and external conflicts, defusing the mechanisms that induce conflicts, learning to anticipate, understand and defuse situations of disagreement and misunderstanding that can escalate into individual or collective disputes.


Programme Fees

  • Course Fee: LKR 15,000 (Per Day)