Workshop on Project Management in a computer environment

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05 days


  • This course is mainly aimed at project managers, team leaders, team members of projects. It will also be useful for students who want to enhance their computer-based project management skills.


  • Pending

Course structure and modules

  • Fundamentals of project management (Planning, Best practices, Scope of the project, Schedule, Resources, Introduction of Project Management software tools, Differences between tools and versions)
  • Starting a project (Setting the project start date and options, Defining project phases, deliverables, and detailed tasks, Summarizing and indenting tasks, Networked view and the critical path, editing task relationships, project constraints)
  • Assigning resources (Defining resources, Categories of resources, Project and resource calendars, Entering and managing resources, work-hour considerations, managing workloads, Optimization of resources)
  • Managing Project Costs (Labor, equipment, material unit and fixed costs, How to manage different types of costs using application software, Preparing budgets, forecasting costs to be incurred)
  • Setting the plan and tracking the progress (Creating a baseline plan, Previewing a baseline report, Interim plans and Tracking project process)
  • Project analysis (Sorting and filtering data, Gantt Charts, Resolving time restrictions and resource conflicts, generating reports, using drawing tools, customizing the software applications)

Programme Fees

  • Course Fee: LKR 15,000