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2 Days


  • This is ideally suitable for business managers who want to sharpen their statistics knowledge and skills without following a full long-term course. It is not a fully pledged statistics course but focuses more on using statistical tools to solve everyday business management issues.


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Course structure and modules

  • Introduction and basic statistical concepts
  • Introduction to statistics: Why we need statistics in business, what we miss without it
  • Misusing statistics: Lies, damn lies and statistics, how to recognize the misuse
  • Sets: Sets, Subsets, Special sets, notation, Venn diagrams, unions, intersections, compliments
  • Probability: discreet and continuous probability, Mutually Exclusive Events, Conditional probability
  • Decision making: Decisions under ideal and uncertain conditions, decision trees
  • Probability and Decision making
  • Basic statistical concepts: Population, sample, mean, distribution, probability, etc
  • Distributions: Binomial, Normal and Poisson distributions, shapes and areas, histograms
  • Sampling: Relations between populations, sample means, and variance, sampling theory
  • Statistical estimation: unbiased and effective estimation, confidence interval estimation
  • Hypothesis testing: Null and alternative hypotheses, statistically significant events
  • Data Gathering and Analysis (Theory)
  • Planning surveys: What best can be done within your time and financial constraints
  • Conducting surveys: Different techniques, preparing questionnaires, interviews
  • Analysis with MS-Excel: The best starting point; simple and straightforward
  • Other statistical tools: Introduction to other statistical tools including SPSS
  • Presenting quantitative data: It goes far beyond than inserting a few simple graphs
  • Data Gathering and Analysis (Practical)
  • A Hands-on session up to 4 hours at NIBM computer labs on a pre-prepared case study. Each participant will get a PC to practice
  • what he has learned in Session 3.

Programme Fees

  • Course Fee: LKR 14,000