Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification (English Medium)

This programme has been designed in keeping with body of knowledge (BOK) of ASQ Black Belt Certification Programme. However, the Course director has modified some aspects of the programme in order to make it suitable for our business environment in Sri Lanka. Participants under go 07 days of extensive training period. Before they are recognized as successfully completing stringent Black Belt Programme requirements; they must demonstrate their proficiencies in using Six Sigma tools and techniques and saving actual LKR saving and customer benefits through their project work.

* You will be able to explain Six Sigma philosophies, including supporting systems and tools.
* You will be able to apply them in various business processed throughout the organization.
* You will be able to demonstrate and be a driver for various leadership roles and responsibilities, organizational dynamics, customer expectations, and satisfaction
* You will receive a BLACK BELT certificate on SIX SIGMA after completing a Six Sigma project in your organization



Productivity and Quality Centre
NIBM Programmes


Colombo /
NIBM Programmes




7 Days


  • Quality, Operations, Marketing, Production and Financial Managers with at least 05 years of experience


  • Colombo: Pending

Course structure and modules

Overview of Six Sigma System

  • Development of quality management practices
  • The origin of Six Sigma System
  • Six Sigma Thinking and Terminology
  • DMAIC Methodology


Overview of Lean Philosophy

  • Lean Thinking
  • Five Lean Principles
  • Lean Metrics
  • Types of Wastes
  • Value Stream Mapping


Minitab Training

  • Introduction to Minitab Software
  • Use of Minitab for six Sigma Projects
  • Practical use of Minitab


Power Tools of DMAIC & DFSS

  • Power tools for Define
  • Power tools for Measure
  • Power tools for Analyze
  • Power tools for Improve
  • Power tools for Control
  • Power tools for DFSS and Advanced Statistics


Organizing for Six Sigma Projects

  • Project Charter
  • Project Charter guidelines
  • Project Proposal Presentation

Programme Fees

  • Course Fee: LKR 225,000