Diploma in Business Information Systems

At present Information, technology is reinventing the way we do business. Computer literate people with programming and development skills are in high demand in the Business world. Skills in business solution development can make an individual a game-changer in the industry. The Business Information Systems diploma provides its participants with a solid foundation in business basics with a focus on information technology functions and learning how to use them to develop meaningful business solutions




Colombo / Kandy /




Full Time


1 Year


  • Two passes for GCE A/L in any stream or
  • Five Credit Passes in GCE O/L including Mathematics/ICT and English or
  • Successfully completed a Certificate Course in Computer Science Stream at NIBM (CCS/CSE/CCP/Python/Java)
  • Successfully completed an Advanced certificate (NVQ level 4) offered by a recognized institute.


  • Colombo Campus- 25th March 2021
  • Kandy Campus- 18th November 2021

Course structure and modules

Semester 01

Stage 01

  • NIBM-SOCE-DBIS-01 Introduction to Computer Science (04 Credits)
  • NIBM-SOCE-DBIS-02 Mathematics for Computing (03 Credits)
  • NIBM-SOCE-DBIS-03 Programming Fundamentals (C & Python)(03 Credits)

Stage 02

  • NIBM-SOCE-DBIS-04 Fundamentals of Management (03 Credits)
  • NIBM-SOCE-DBIS-05 E-Commerce and Digital Marketing (03 Credits)
  • NIBM-SOCE-DBIS-06 Data Base Management Systems (04 Credits)
  • NIBM-SOCE-DBIS-07 ERP & Business Information Systems (03 Credits)

Semester 02

Stage 01

  • NIBM-SOCE-DBIS-08 Project Management (02 Credits)
  • NIBM-SOCE-DBIS-09 System Analysis & Design (04 Credits)
  • NIBM-SOCE-DBIS-10 Object Oriented Programming (Java) (03 Credits)

Stage 02

  • NIBM-SOCE-DBIS-11 Cyber Security and Cloud Computing (03 Credits)
  • NIBM-SOCE-DBIS-12 Developing the Modern Web (04 Credits)
  • NIBM-SOCE-DBIS-13 Information Systems Auditing and Assurance (03 Credits)
  • NIBM-SOCE-DBIS-14 Final Project (03 Credits)

Non-GPA Modules

  • NIBM-SOCE-DBIS-15 Business English

Programme Fees

  • LKR 200,000