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The certification process of Business Professional contains three (03) main categories as follows.


  1. Level I Certified Business Professional
  2. Level II Certified Business Professional
  3. Level III Certified Business Professional


To be eligible for the corresponding level of CBF, a candidate shall fulfil the following pre-requisites; which consists of pre-qualifications, work experience and special attributes.

Click here Application Form to access the complete criteria for application.

Impartiality Procedure

To ensure that the risks arising out of conflicts of interest of personnel involved with person certification are identified and suitable actions are taken to minimize or eliminate the adverse effect of such risks to the impartiality of person certification schemes. Click here PC-PR-01 – Impartiality to access the procedure for impartiality.


Colombo – January 2024

Course structure and modules

The evaluation will be conducted in two steps for initial certification; 1. Technical assessment and 2. Structured Interview


Step I: Technical Assessment

Participants are required to complete an action-oriented assessment which focuses on assessing participants’ skill domain.

Step II: Structured interview

Structured interview will be guided by the following three aspects.

  1. Baseline results of the multiple lenses psychometric tests
  2. Status of action-oriented assessment
  3. Participants’ job performance as per the report given by the respective employer


Only structured interviews will be conducted for recertification candidates.

Programme Fees