Advanced Diploma in Psychology and Counselling



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NIBM Programmes


Advanced Diploma


Full Time / Weekend


1 Year



  • Those who have completed G.C.E A/L examination in Arts, Biology stream with three simple passes.
    It is mandatory that the candidate has obtained at least an ‘S’ pass for Mathematics and English for GCE Ordinary Level Examination


  • Those who have completed a Certificate course/ Advanced Certificate course in Psychology from a recognized institution.


  • Above Qualifications


  • Those who have successfully completed Ordinary Level local / Cambridge or Edexcel qualifications with minimum 2 years of professional experience in a related field. (Upon submitting proof of work experience)


  • Kirulapone (NIC) – 13rd September 2023 (Full Time)
  • Kirulapone (NIC) – 09th September 2023 (Part Time)
  • Peradeniya (KIC) –  15th February 2023 (Full-time)
  • Peradeniya (KIC) – 08th October 2023 (Part Time)

Course structure and modules

Introduction to Psychology

  • Defining psychology
  • The roots and early schools of psychology
  • Contemporary perspectives to psychology
  • Areas of specialization and careers in psychology
  • Personality and individual differences
  • Motivation and emotion

Introduction to Counselling and Related Helping Relationships

  • Definition of counselling as a process of resolving personal problems
  • Definition of coaching, mentoring, coaching, and other related helping relationships and the ways they differ from each other and from counselling.
  • History of process for resolving human problems
  • Necessary qualities of a counsellor
  • Types of psychological counselling and core skills in counselling
  • Ethical framework of counselling, mentoring and coaching

Research Skills in Psychology I

  • Developing research questions and hypotheses
  • The scientific method
  • Experiments and quasi-experiments for basic two condition experimental designs
  • Types of data, including independent and dependent variables, nominal, ordinal, interval, & ratio.
  • Basic statistical concepts for the normal distribution, z-scores, probability, null and alternative hypotheses, probability and hypothesis testing, statistical significance
  • Basic descriptive and inferential statistics, including related and unrelated t-tests, non-parametric alternatives to the t-test, Pearson and Spearman correlations, and simple linear regression
  • Guidelines for academic literature searching, academic writing, referencing, reporting research according to professional publication standards.

Human Behaviour I

  • The structure of the neuron
  • Neurotransmitters
  • The nervous system
  • The brain structure and function
  • The endocrine system
  • Vision
  • Structure of the eye
  • Processing the visual message
  • Hearing and other senses
  • Smell and taste
  • Skin senses

Human Development I

  • Theoretical perspectives in developmental psychology, including cognitive-developmental, evolutionary, learning, psychodynamic, social-cognitive, and sociocultural.
  • Research strategies and methodology.
  • Biological development throughout the life span, including course of development, genetics, pre-natal influences, and physical milestones.
  • Psychodynamic approaches to development, including personality formation, psychosocial development
  • Cognitive development throughout the life span, including cognitive milestones and abilities, genetic, biological, and environmental influences on cognition, and the theoretical approaches of Piaget and Vygotsky.
  • Learning theory and development, including behavioural modification and punishment.
  • Social learning and modeling, including personality and social development.
  • Language development, including topics of bilingualism and language acquisition

Academic Writing and Presentation Skills

  • Features of Academic Writing
  • Paragraph Writing
  • Essay Writing
  • Listening and Note-taking
  • Presentations Skills

Programme Fees

  • Course Fee: LKR 225,000/- + Registration Fee: LKR 5,000 (Part Time)
  • Course Fee: LKR 250,000/- + Registration Fee: LKR 5,000 (Full Time)