Advanced Diploma in Digital Banking and Finance (For Students After A/Ls)

This program is designed to produce qualified, efficient and skilled human resources in the field of Banking and Finance to meet the national, industrial and regional needs with destructive technology. The program covers the conduct of business, management of institutions and policy/regulatory environment in banking and finance with Technology. The program expects to provide standard theoretical and practical knowledge to improve those skills and competencies that can be effectively utilized on the job. Therefore, the career development in banking and finance professions of persons who will be qualified in this academic programme will be more effective and faster. Further, they will have better opportunities and the ability to enter the industry.



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NIBM Programmes


Advanced Diploma


Full Time


1 Year


  1. To provide a broad exposure to banking, finance and technology perspective and to emphasize disruptive technology.
  2. To introduce participants to the key functional areas in banking, finance and technology and to provide the required knowledge, skills and attitude shifts.
  3. To equip participants with the essential proficiencies of facing the challenges in contemporary business finance and banking field.


  •  GCE (A/L) / Edexcel/ Cambridge A/L with a minimum of three (03) simple passes OR
  • Sat for GCE (A/L) and have not obtained three (03) simple passes shall follow Certificate Course in Management (CCBM) during the first year 
  • Those who have completed the GCE (O/L) / Edexcel / Cambridge O/L shall follow the Foundation Programme and complete to become eligible to enter the first year


  • Colombo – 26th February 2024
  • Kandy – Pending

Course structure and modules

Semester 1

  1. The Financial System
  2. Business Communication
  3. Information Communication Technology
  4. Commercial Banking
  5. Banking and Financial Law

Semester 2

  1. Digital Banking
  2. Customer Relationship Management
  3. Central banking and Economic Fundamentals
  4. Financial Technology (FinTech)
  5. Credit management

Semester 3

  1. Risk Management and Compliance
  2. Non-Banking Financial Institutions
  3. Fundamentals of Finance
  4. International Trade and Finance
  5. Independent study

Programme Fees

  • Course Fee: LKR 300,000 + Registration Fee: LKR 5,000


Student loan facilities are available from BOC, NSB & NDB banks. Send us an inquiry to ask about payment plans and loan facilities.