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Colombo Head Office

The National Institute of Business Management (NIBM) was established in 1968 under the purview of the Ministry of Industries and Scientific Affairs in collaboration with the UNDP, with the ILO functioning as the executing agency. On first June 1976, the Institute was incorporated as the National Institute of Business Management.

Since its establishment, the NIBM has aimed at achieving excellence in the programmes it offers to It's clients who are drawn from both the public and private sectors of Sri Lanka, as well as those from overseas countries who availed themselves of its services.

In May 2004 the NIBM was brought under the purview of the Ministry of Skills Development, Vocational and Technical Education.Currently NIBM functions as a statutory body under the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Skill Development.

Today NIBM colombo centre prossesses fully air conditioned and well equipped modern computer labs, class room facilities and study areas to make students more compatibility and free to study. Students are highly benefited from air-conditioned modern library having thousands of educational books and clean and large cafeteria facilities.

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School of Business

    School of Computing

    • Ms.G C Wickramasinghe (Director - School of Computing)
    • Dr. K D Buddhima Hansinie Subasinghe (Head - computer science )
    • Ms.R L De Zoysa (Consultant/Lecturer)
    • Mr.T S P Weerasinghe (Consultant/Lecturer)
    • Mr.O K G C Weerasekara (Consultant/Lecturer)
    • Ms W.A.R. Thushari Gunasinghe (Consultant/Lecturer)
    • Mr.Kesan Narangoda (Consultant/Lecturer)
    • Ms.Uthpala Athukorala (Consultant/Lecturer)
    • Mr.K A Milan Maduranga (Consultant/Lecturer)
    • Ms.D.B.A.U.Hapuarachchi (Consultant/Lecturer)

    School of Design (NIC)

      School of Language

      • Mr.K D S N Wijayasiri (Head-Linguistic)
      • Ms.R A M Chathurani (Consultant/Lecturer)
      • Ms.H A E A Harischandra (Consultant/Lecturer)
      • Ms.Anuradha Katulanda (Consultant/Lecturer)

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