NIBM News & Events

Beginning of the 2024

The spirited New Year celebrations at NIBM resonated with the esteemed presence of our Chairman, Mr. V.K. Choksy, and the visionary Director General, Dr. D.M.A Kulasooriya. Commencing on a note of patriotism, the event commenced with a harmonious rendition of the national anthem, embodying our deep-rooted gratitude to our beloved motherland. The air was charged with inspiration as both dignitaries delivered motivational speeches, setting a tone of determination and unity for the year ahead.

The highlight of the celebrations was the recognition of excellence, with the spotlight on NIBM’s best performers in 2023. As accolades were bestowed upon the deserving individuals, the celebration became a testament to the collective achievements and hard work that define the NIBM Family. The event encapsulated a spirit of gratitude, motivation, and recognition, paving the way for a promising and successful year ahead.