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Data Scientists’ Club installation Ceremony

The Data Scientists’ Club installation was held on the October 12, 2023 at National Innovation Centre. The Charter Installation Ceremony, organized by the National Innovation Centre of NIBM, marked the official establishment of the club. We had the privilege to have Mr. Hansa Perera along with Dr. D.M.A Kulasooriya as our guest speaker for the occasion.

The Data Scientists’ Club aims to provide a platform for students who are passionate about utilizing data to drive change and innovation.

It is also a platform for data scientists, data analysts, and enthusiasts to come together and exchange insights, ideas, and expertise. By fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing, it promotes continuous learning and innovation. In an ever-evolving field like data science, staying updated on the latest tools, techniques, and industry trends is crucial.

Moreover, the club encourages interdisciplinary discussions, enabling data scientists to apply their skills across various domains, thus solving complex real-world problems more effectively. It offers opportunities for mentorship, as experienced members can guide newcomers, creating a supportive environment for skill development and career growth.

The club also serves as a hub for professional development, where members can showcase their research, participate in hackathons, and attend workshops. Ultimately, the Data Scientists Club is a valuable asset in nurturing the next generation of data professionals and advancing the field of data science.