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NIBM Colombo VS NIBM Kurunegala Friendly Encounter

Reliving the Thrilling Moments of the NIBM Colombo VS NIBM Kurunegala Campus Friendly Encounter! We’re delighted to share with you the captivating snapshots from the exhilarating sporting event that took place at the Kurunegala Maliyadewa Ground on August 26th, 2023. Cricket, Netball, and Rugby – the fields came alive with talent, determination, and team spirit.
Swipe through these photos to witness the intensity of the matches and the joy of camaraderie that marked this unforgettable day. From heart-pounding action shots to candid moments of celebration, this album captures the essence of sportsmanship and unity.
A big shoutout to all the participants, supporters, and organizers who made this event a grand success. Your passion and enthusiasm are truly commendable. Let’s cherish these memories and look forward to more memorable moments in the future.