Foundation Course in Mobile Application Development [Android]

Mobile Applications are essential part of most of businesses running today. It helps people to sell their product and purchase the products worldwide. Most of the people use business apps through smart phones which are running on android devices.  

This program is offered as a blended learning method, a combination of in-class and online learning in one course. A student might attend in classes, and some lessons are online when the learner can study at home or office.



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  • Understand mobile application development fundamentals
  • Apply mobile application development concepts in real time app developments.


  • Those who are interested in learning mobile application development specially for the beginners
  • Access to a computer with an internet connection
  • Basic Knowledge of Java is pre-requests


Course structure and modules

  • Introduction to Android
  • Setup Android Studio
  • Hello in Android
  • UI Basics
  • Events Handling
  • Data Storage
  • Data Validation
  • App Publishing

You’ll need to complete practical tests and final project. Pass mark is 50 from all evaluations.

Programme Fees

  • Course Fee: LKR 25,000