Advanced Diploma in Operations And Supply Chain Management

Operations management is a vital topic that every business student needs to understand because it is at the heart of the creation of wealth for businesses and the improvement in the living standard of citizens of all countries. Operations managers are responsible for manufacturing products and delivering services in an ethical and environmentally responsible way while being responsive to the market. It is important to be efficient and capable concerning internal processes; however, organizations must be able to link those processes to those of their customers and their suppliers to provide competitive supply chains.
This diploma program aims to provide our participants with a comprehensive framework for addressing operational and supply chain issues. Starting with the analysis of operational processes and how other processes are integrated to form a supply chain to manage the efficient flow of materials, information, and funds are the major focus of this diploma.
Broadly speaking, operations and supply chain management underlie all departments and functions in a business. Whether you aspire to manage a department or a particular process within it, or you just want to understand how the process you are a part of fits into the overall fabric of the business, you need to understand the principles of operations and supply chain management.
Therefore, this professional diploma program has mainly focused on improving our participant’s problem solving, analytical thinking, communication, and decision-making skills in the field of operations and supply chain management. These skills are vital in dealing with operational problems faced by managers in manufacturing, services, and public organizations in the corporate world. Enhanced with these skills, Operations, and supply chain diploma holders will be in a great position to acquire employment and perform up to the expectation of all stakeholders so that their contribution to the national development is assured.


Productivity and Quality Centre


Colombo / KIC /


Advanced Diploma


Part Time


1 Year


  • Those who are completed a bachelor’s degree and employed
  • G.C.E A/L qualification with more than three years of working experience in the relevant field
  • G.C.E O/L qualification with more than five years of working experience in the related field
  • Advanced Certificate (SLQF level 2, NVQ level 4) offered by a recognized institute with more than one years of working experience in the relevant field
  • Those who have completed a one-year foundation course and employed in the related field


22nd February 2022


Course structure and modules

  • Introduction To Operations And Supply Chain Management
  • Business Analytics (Statistics)
  • Project Management
  • Six Sigma Quality
  • Product Design And Development
  • Designing And Managing Operational Processes
  • Work Systems Designs And Occupational Ergonomics
  • Planning And Scheduling Operations
  • Lean Systems And Production Control
  • Warehousing And Inventory Management
  • Demand Management
  • Group Project

Programme Fees

  • LKR 200,000 + LKR 2,000 (registration fee)
  • With the special concession of 25%, Programme fee LKR 150,000 + LKR 2,000 (registration fee)


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