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Advanced Certificate


Full-Time | Part-Time


10 Weeks


  • Successfully completed the G.C.E Ordinary Level Examination or an equivalent qualification.


  • Colombo – August 2022

Course structure and modules

Foundations of Digital Entrepreneurship

  • Understanding entrepreneurship
  • The new digital entrepreneur
  • Entrepreneurial ethics in the digital age
  • Developing the right entrepreneurship foundation
  • Finding a good digital business idea


Incubating & Accelerating Digital Start-ups

  • Validating the digital business idea
  • Determining the right business model
  • Legal compliances for digital start-ups
  • IP protection for digital start-ups
  • Developing an effective business plan


Planning & Strategizing Digital Start-ups

  • Analyzing the business environment
  • Creating the vision, mission, values & objectives
  • Preparing & action plan using available resources
  • Implementing, monitoring & feedback of plans


Financing & Accounting for Digital Start-ups

  • Understanding debt & equity for digital start-ups
  • Sources of financing for digital start-ups
  • Tracking income & expenses for digital start-ups
  • Banking & financial services for digital start-ups


Marketing & Branding for Digital Start-ups

  • Digital marketing for digital start-ups
  • Understanding the digital consumer
  • Exploring digital branding strategies
  • Exploring digital advertising strategies


Resourcing & Talent Retention for Digital Start-ups

  • Resourcing the right talent for digital start-ups
  • Retaining the right talent for digital start-ups
  • Basic HR documentation for digital start-ups
  • Best HR practices for digital start-ups


Content Development for Digital Start-ups

  • Layouts & graphic design principles
  • Colour psychology & typography
  • Basic Camera shots
  • Video ad basics


Developing Product Pages for Digital Start-ups

  • Exploring a product page
  • Creating e-commerce product videos
  • Creating e-commerce product images


Using Social Media Analytics & Monetization for Digital Start-ups

  • Using social media analytics
  • Installing & using Google Analytics for a website
  • Facebook monetization

Programme Fees

  • Course Fee: LKR 60,000