Advanced Certificate in Data Science

As data storage methods become increasingly cheaper, the amount of data given out and stored by various fields of study including Biology, Chemistry, Finance, Business Management etc. has increased invariably. Analysis of these humongous chunks of data manually is becoming highly inefficient, erroneous, and exhausting. Training computers to form hypotheses using training datasets and then using these computers to analyze trends, make predictions etc. is the way for the future. This brings us to the vast field of data science that encompasses data wrangling, data visualization, machine learning, mathematical and statistical methods, and use of computer science for the creation of efficient algorithms.
Success and failure of businesses today is highly dependent on the efficient analysis of trends and ingenious predictions based on business data. This efficient business analytics and business intelligence is realized through the merging of business data and business knowledge with techniques in data science.



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Advanced Certificate


Full Time / Part Time


06 Months


This program aims to provide the student with essential training in probability, statistics, mathematics and computing tools for the visualization and analysis of large datasets with a greater focus on business data. This skills-rich degree will provide students with the necessary training for employment in numerous fields as a data scientist, analyst, or similar, requiring a critical and independent mind.

In addition to this program’s generic outcomes, modules try to develop the following subjectspecific skills

  • Computer programming skills
  • Mathematical and statistical skills
  • Data manipulation skills
  • Data Visualization skills
  • Problem solving, organizational and analytical skills
  • Team working and negotiating skills
  • Leaderships and communication skills
  • Academic writing and presentation skills


  • Sat for G.C.E. A/L


  • G.C.E Ordinary Level or Cambridge Ordinary Level or EDEXCEL Ordinary Level
    Examinations (5 credit passes including Mathematics, English Language, and
    Information Technology related subjects)


  • NIC (Kirulapone): February 2024
  • KIC (Peradeniya): 11th May 2024 (Full Time)

Course structure and modules

  • English for Academic Purposes
  • Scientific Computing
  • Mathematical Foundations
  • Introduction to Statistics

Programme Fees

  • Course Fee: 60,000 LKR + Registration Fee: 2,000 LKR