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Job Net / Industrial Training

Industrial Training

Lay strong foundations for a successful career, using our extensive industry links to secure industrial training giving you the vital industry experience and connections you'll need when you graduate.

Career Guidance Unit

Career Guidance Unit offers support, advice and guidance for prospective students to meet employers in the relevant fields. The main purpose of this unit is to develop the career related skills such as leadership and teamwork skills, communication skills, managerial skills, marketing and entrepreneurial skills.

Job Net

  • To train and place competent undergraduates in the industry, who can work efficiently and productively to foster image of NIBM
  • To offer service in Career Education, Career Guidance and Career Management.
  • To develop and maintain collaborative relationship with Employment Sector.
  • To be a partner of career progress by helping in their job search based on their knowledge, skills and attitudes.
  • To provide skills development programmes such as leadership, teamwork, effective communication and coordination, interpersonal and managerial skills in order to become productive and efficient employee in the work place.
  • To maintain network of employment sector to upgrade undergraduate information and place most suitable candidate at first place in private and public sector organizations.



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