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NIBM World Wide


The National Institute of Business Management with its legacy of more than five decades in the business of training and development and its vision of becoming the best management education institute in Sri Lanka offers you unmatched opportunities in business, computing, languages and design. The stability of being a government institute and the customer-driven philosophy which we have adopted, means that well recognized qualifications at reasonable cost are being offered to the employed as well as to the school leaver in order to obtain the knowledge as well as the practical aspects needed for professional and personal development. Currently, NIBM operates as a statuary body under the Ministry of National Policies, Economic Affairs, Resettlement and Rehabilitation, Northern Province Development, Vocational Training & Skills Development and Youth Affairs.

No Boundaries for Education

Along with geographical restrictions, time is the key factor that both learners and teachers have to face in learning. Blended learning, on the other hand, facilitates learning without constraints as and when the learner is interested in a course mounted online.

Blended Learning

Blended learning is often referred to as “hybrid” learning, a combination of inclass and online learning in one course. A student might attend in classes and some lessons are online when the learner can study at home or office.


In the field of business, NIBM offers the opportunity to obtain well-recognized qualifications in diverse fields through NIBM Worldwide blended learning programme.  We also cater to the specific needs of the industry through customized training programs and consultancy assignments.

World Wide Initiative

NIBM World Wide is the global initiative of National Institute Business Management of Sri Lanka to provide education and learning opportunities to students and professionals worldwide.

NIBM  Worldwide education approach may break traditional education monotony and open a new era of digital education. The tailor-made programmes of NIBM will indulge the students who are in a busy lifestyle.


Visit : www.nibmworldwide.com

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Latest Results

  • Management Practices
    HDSE 18.2 F -Kandy
  • Marketing Management
    ADBM 17.2 P- Galle
  • Statistics & Information Technology for HR
    ANDHRM 18.1P-E -Kandy
  • Environmental Management
    HDBM 18.2F With Repeat-Kurunagala
  • Continuous Professional Development
    HDBM - F -Kurunagala - 3/3/2019
  • Database Management System
    DSE 18.2 F - Matara
  • Advanced Spoken communication for a business environment - STAGE II
    DEP 17.1 P - Galle
  • Object Oriented Programming II
    DCSD -F-Galle - Special Repeat on 12/4/2018
  • System Engineering Project
    DSE - F - Colombo
  • Information Communication Technology results adjusted with Available Maths results
    ADBM -F - Colombo -Special Repeat Exam on 09.11.2018
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