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  • Human Resources Management
    ADBM 16.4 P
  • Digital Image & Image Manipulation
    ADAM 17.1 P
  • Production & Operations Management
    ADIE 16.1 P
  • Programming Fundamentals
    DSE 17.1 P
  • Programming Fundamentals
    DCSD 17.1 P
  • Programming Fundamentals
    DCN 17.1 P
  • Manufacturing Management & Industrial Organization
    ADMM (Manufacturing) 17.1 P
  • Data Structure and Algorithem
    HDCBIS 16.2 F
  • Effective Speaking Skills for day-to-day Communication - Stage 1
    DEP 17.1 P
  • Basic Grammar - Stage 1
    DEP 17.1 P
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