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BSc (Hons) Global Logistics Management

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  • Category

    Degree Programmes
  • Duration

    4 years with A/L’s or 5 years with O/L’s
  • Commencement

Logistics has become one of the vital career fields in Sri Lanka and there is a high demand for logistics professionals in the job market at present as well as in the future. Currently in Sri Lanka more than one million people are working in the field of Logistics and transportation. Those who have higher educational qualifications in the logistics field could work in various organizations as logistics service providers, warehouse managers, procurement managers, demand planning analyst, inventory planners, distribution center managers, logistics managers, operations managers, supply chain consultants, transport managers, technology providers, retailers, factory managers, shipping consultants, and freight forwarders etc... Thus, it is a great challenge for employers in Sri Lanka to recruit people with professional qualifications in logistics. Not only in Sri Lanka, recent report shows the countries such as USA, UK, UAE, Australia and Canada also face problems related to the shortage of staffs in the field of logistics.

Further, Sri Lanka is known as the logistics hub in the South Asian region due to its prime location and proximity to all major ports in the Indian sub-continent. Most of international trade roots connecting Europe, Middle East, East Africa, East Asia, South Asia, India, and Australia are passing down south of Sri Lanka. Hence, logistics plays a vital role in the economic development of Sri Lanka.

Due to the above factors there is a high demand for the Professional Degree Program in the field of Global Logistics Management in Sri Lanka.
  • Syllabus / Content

    First Year

    • Semester 1
      • Principles of Management
      • Business Mathematics & It
      • Financial Accounting
      • Business English
      • Principles of Economics –Microeconomics
    • Semester 2
      • Organizational Behavior
      • Business Ethics & Environment
      • Business Statistics
      • Managerial Accounting
      • Principles of Economics – Macroeconomics
      • Independent Study




    Second Year

    • Semester 1
      • Introduction to Supply Chain and Logistics
      • Logistics Economics
      • Management Information Systems
      • Business Analytics
      • Industrial Law and Industrial Relations
    • Semester 2
      • Operations Management
      • Warehousing, And Inventory Control Management
      • Materials Management
      • Operations Research Practices  
      • Introduction to Research Methods          



    Third Year

    • Semester1
      • Industrial Marketing
      • Accounting for Materials Management 
      • Enterprise Resource Planning (Erp)          
      • Procurement and Supplies Management              
      • Transportation Decision Analysis
      • Import and Export Management
    • Semester 2
      • Demand Management 
      • Lean Six Sigma Quality for Supply Chain 
      • Continuous Professional Development
      • Individual Research



    Forth Year

    • Semester 1
      • Academic English For Logistics Systems and Engineering
      • Project Management
      • Global logistics and Supply Chain Management
    • Semester 2
      • Lean Manufacturing
      • Inventory and Distribution Management
      • Individual Project



  • Entry Requirements

    A minimum of 3S passes in GCE Advanced Level Examination in same sitting
    Direct entry to second year those who have completed NVQ level 5 qualification from recognized institute with A/L 3 S passes
    Direct entry to third year those who have successfully completed Advanced Diploma in Business Management at NIBM
  • Fee & Funding

    Student loan facilities are available from BOC, NSB & NDB banks.
    Send us an inquiry to ask about payment plans and loan facilities.
    One of our team will contact you shortly.

  • Methodology

  • Course Director(s)

    Mr B P P Thilakarathne
  • Lectures & Practicals

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