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BEng (Hons) Manufacturing Engineering

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  • Category

    Degree Programmes
  • Duration

    3 years with A/L’s or 4 years with O/L’s
  • Commencement

Manufacturing Engineering is a dynamic and evolving subject that can be used to improve productivity, quality, efficiency and effectiveness of organizational work and the daily activities of individuals. It is not a subject that just needs to be taught but the one need to be constantly developed. The course has been developed to provide future graduates with a sound knowledge of a range of manufacturing principles and practices. Those who have successfully completed this program will gain the intellectual, technical, creative and personal qualities necessary for handling any type of manufacturing related issues and problems.
Manufacturing has become one of the vital career fields in Sri Lanka and there is a high demand for Manufacturing Engineering professionals in the job market at present as well as in the future Those who have higher educational qualifications in the manufacturing field could work in various organizations as Product development engineer, product engineer, operations engineer, manufacturing design engineer, quality engineer, technical administrative manager, process engineer, industrial engineer, engineering manager, maintenance engineer, manufacturing engineer, operations manager, production manager, and process design engineer etc.
  • Syllabus / Content

    Year 01 -Semester 01

    01    Introduction to Manufacturing Engineering
    02    Engineering Mathematics
    03    Fundamentals of Materials: Material Properties and Product attributes
    04    Engineering Drawing
    05    Computer Programming Techniques

    Year 01 -Semester 02

    01    Engineering Statistics
    02    Environmental Engineering
    03    Engineering Materials and Manufacturing Technology - 01
    04    Six Sigma Quality Engineering
    05    Instrumentation and Calibration
    06    Operational Research
    07    Industrial Training 01 (06 months)     

    Year 02 -Semester 01

    01    Engineering Materials and Manufacturing Technology - 02
    02    Electronics & Electrical Principles
    03    Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
    04    Maintenance Engineering
    05    Automation and Robotics in Manufacturing

    Year 02 -Semester 02

    01    Manufacturing Accountancy
    02    Work Systems Designs and Occupational Ergonomics
    03    Project Management
    04    Manufacturing System Thinking
    05    Product Design and Development

    Year 03 -Semester 01

    01    Individual Manufacturing Engineering Project Proposal    
    02    Individual Manufacturing Engineering Project    
    03    Lean Systems and Production Control    
    04    Engineering Materials & Manufacturing Technology 3    

    Year 03 -Semester 02

    01    Tactical and Strategic Analysis in Manufacturing    
    02    Supply Chains and Logistics    
    03    New Product Development Project    
    04    Industrial Training 01 (06 months)     

  • Entry Requirements

    Those who have completed G.C.E A/L examination in physical science scheme (Combined Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry) with three simple passes.

    Those who have successfully completed Advanced Diploma in Manufacturing Management, Advance Diploma in Industrial Engineering and Advanced Diploma in Maintenance Management at NIBM and employed in the relevant field with 3 years experience.
    Upon the successful completion of the Advanced Certificate in Engineering Science (ACES) program conducted by NIBM, following participants will proceed directly into the degree program.

    Those who have completed G.C.E A/L examination in Bio science stream (Biology, Physics and Chemistry) with three simple passes.
    Those who have completed G.C.E A/L examination in Technology stream with three simple passes.
  • Fee & Funding

    First Year : LKR 300,000/-
    Second Year : LKR 500,000/-
    Third Year : LKR 700,000/-

    All payments can be made in installments.

    Student loan facilities are available from BOC, NSB & NDB banks.
    Send us an inquiry to ask about payment plans and loan facilities.
    One of our team will contact you shortly.

  • Methodology

    This degree program is going to be a new experience for our outstanding students, who wish to continue their higher studies in the field of manufacturing engineering.
  • Course Director(s)

    Mr B P P Thilakarathne
  • Lectures & Practicals

    Weekdays or Weekends

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