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 Analytics for Business Managers

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  • Category

    Workshops and Seminars
  • Duration

    2 Days (consecutive)
  • Commencement

Introduce Principles of Business Modeling and Analytics to Business Users from a wide variety of Industrial and Managerial backgrounds. At the completion of the course the participant will be able to: o Understand important Analytical techniques applicable to Business Modeling o Gain sound understanding of the modeling and Analyzing Customer behaviors o Select and assess for appropriateness suitable Modeling approaches to achieve business goals o Advise management on the adoption of Analytical Strategies o Construct Business Models to accomplish Strategic Objectives o Apply basic Statistical techniques to the analysis and solution of Analytical problems o Use Excel software to create Analytical models and Analyze data
  • Syllabus / Content

    1. Customer Analytics and Insight
      • Customer Profiling: Demographic, Geographic, Income & other industry specific attributes 
      • Segmentation: Cluster Analysis Techniques and their application to Customer Classification
      • Psychographic Profiling: Personality Profiling models and Techniques
      • Analytics & Customer Insight: Holistic view of Customer, Organizational & Market dat a
    2. Business Modeling
      • Customer Life Time Value: Time Value of Money concepts & Discounted Cash Flow models
      • Index Creation: Customer Rating & Grading techniques for Decision Support Systems
      • Credit Risk Modeling: Principals of Risk Analysis and guidelines for model creation
      • Product Life Cycle Modeling: Growth and Decay curves, model estimation and fitting
      • Customer Loyalty and Rewards Schemes: Analytical approaches to managing Customer base
    3. Statistics and Data Analysis for Analytics (Computer Lab Practical using Excel)
      • Descriptive Statistics: Probability Concepts, Measures of Centrality and Dispersion, Correlations
      • Distributions from Data: Derive Histograms, Ogives, Empirical Cumulative Distribution Functions
      • Goodness of fit: Chi Square Test
      • Time Series Analysis: Trend, Seasonality, Cyclical Variation and Decompositions
      • Forecasting: Single/Multiple Regressions and Exponential smoothing
    4. Social Network Analysis and Marketing
      • Introduction to Network Theory: Actors, Links, Random Walks and Influence Diffusion
      • Graph Theory Applications: Social Graphs, Bipartite Graphs & their Properties
      • Measures of Centrality: Leaders, Followers, Gate keepers, Communities
      • Quantification: Estimate values for Actors and Network attributes needed for Target Marketing  
      • Target Marketing: Exploiting SNA for Product Placement & Advertisement Diffusion
  • Entry Requirements

    Business Managers of Advertising, Marketing, Retail, Banking and Insurance Industries together with Professionals from the Data Science and Engineering disciplines can profit from content that employs a practical approach to the solution of a wide array of current and emerging business problems.
  • Fee & Funding

    LKR. 19,500 /=
  • Methodology

    Lectures / Practicals
  • Course Director(s)

    Mr. Chanuka Wattegama
  • Lectures & Practicals

    8.30 am - 4.30 pm

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