Workshop in Gem and Jewellery Valuation and Marketing



Productivity and Quality Centre
NIBM Programmes




2 Days


To provide basic knowledge and information in the valuation and marketing of gemstones and jewelries.


Gem & jewellery trade beginners, Small & Medium sector members, Retail professionals and others  interested in working in the gem and jewelry industry,  such as jewelry connoisseurs & gem buyers, In the gem and jewelry industry interested in working with colored gemstones, Gem & Jewellery exporters.


  • 03rd and 4th of April  2023 from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm

Course structure and modules

Appraisal, Valuation, and Marketing

  • Information should Gemstones & Jewellery appraisal include
  • Type of appraisal
  • Finding the right appraiser
  • Professional documentation
  • Appraisal organization
  • Price guides
  • Gemstone buying guide
  • Commonly recognize birthstones

 Valuation standards

  • Gemstone quality factors
  • Cut
  • Color
  • Clarity
  • Carat weight
  • The identity of the stone
  • Nature of the material
  • Country of origin
  • Any, Antic, Historic or Famous
  • Gem identification report
  • Type of metal for making jewellery
  • Hallmarking Jewellery
  • Quality assusrence benchmark

 Internal trade

  • Gem Trade History
  • Gem Deposits of Sri Lanka
  • Gem Mining
  • Heat Treatments
  • Gem Cutting
  • Jewellery manufacturing
  • Jewellery Retailing
  • Gem Trading

 Marketing of Gemstones

  • How source influence value
  • Market flow
  • How consumer preference influence demand
  • Retail avenue

 Export Procedure

  • Registration as an exporter
  • How to obtain a gem dealer license?
  • Type of exports
  • How to initiate the export procedure?
  • Online export process
  • Service Fee waiver facilities
  • Delivery terms
  • ATA Carnet process
  • Harmonized system codes
  • Concession offered to the industry
  • Taxes applicable in Gem & jewellery exports

Programme Fees

  • Workshop Fee: LKR 20,000/-