Executive Diploma in Public Procurement and Contract Management

The Executive Diploma in Public Procurement and Contract Management is a new initiative undertaken by the NIBM to contribute to enhancing and uplifting capacity in the management of the procurement functions and operations of the public sector in Sri Lanka. As Public procurement is playing an important role in any country’s government spending,
the government has adopted and enacted laws, regulations and guidelines far from the international best practices to ensure the money is adequately spent in a transparent manner. The NIBM’s effort is to encourage public procurement officials to be trained with this initiative to work effectively in such an environment.

The Executive Diploma is composed of the fifteen-subject module plus research work in view to gain comprehensive knowledge to the participants.



Productivity and Quality Centre
NIBM Programmes


Colombo /
NIBM Programmes


Higher National Diploma


Full-Time (One Day per week)


2 Years


  • Government Officers of Sri Lanka Accountants’ Service, Sri Lanka Auditors’ Service, and Sri Lanka Engineers’ Service and engineering-related services.  
  • Officers of other comparable services in the government who are having a minimum of three years of experience are directly involved in the subject.
  • Public Sector officers have a minimum of three years experience in the fields of Public Procurement, Finance & Accounting, Auditing, Internal Auditing, Investigations, engineering and other related disciplines with a degree.
  • Officers in Public Sector Regulatory Bodies / SOEs / and any other institutions having engaged with Public Procurement in engaged with public procurement and other related fields. 
  • Armed Forces officers (Officer Category) who are directly involved in Finance, Logistics, Engineering, and related subject disciplines or have more than three years of service involving public procurement activities.


  • Colombo – November 2022

Course structure and modules

  • Introduction to Public Procurement Management
  • Public Procurement Regulations
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Strategic Procurement Planning
  • Bidding Process Management 01: Bidding Process, Bidding Documents
  • Information Technology for Public Procurement
  • Import and Export Procedures
  • Public-Private Partnerships (PPP)
  • Bidding Process Management 02: IfB, Bid Evaluation, Awarding
  • Contract Administration
  • Procurement for Donor Funded Projects
  • Assets and Inventories Management
  • Procurement Auditing
  • Dispute Resolution in Public Procurement
  • Team Leadership and Negotiation skills Development
  • Study Report

Programme Fees

  • Course Fee: LKR 200,000 + Registration Fee: LKR 2,000

With the special concession of 10% programme fee – LKR 180,000 + LKR 2,000 (registration fee)