Certificate in IT and Cybersecurity Law

This certificate course is meant for professionals in the field of IT and non-professionals who are yet interested in enhancing their knowledge regarding the legal framework of IT and Cyber security laws in Sri Lanka.  

The progamme offers the opportunity to be equipped with knowledge on practical implications and applicability of the related laws in various disciplines of the participants. 




Colombo /






40 Hours


  • Colombo – 17th March 2022

Course structure and modules

  • Introduction to ICT Law
  • General discussion of the law related to computer crime in Sri Lanka
  • Investigation of computer related offences and the involvement of the Police Department
  • Implications of the Budapest convention on computer crime and forensic investigation
  • Legal framework for cyber security and e-commerce in Sri Lanka
  • Laws related to e-transactions, big data, cloud sourcing and artificial intelligence
  • Intellectual property in relation to the ICT industry
  • Admissibility of computer evidence in a court of law
  • Legal aspect of ethical hacking and forensic investigations
  • Right to information, data protection and privacy policies in Sri Lanka
  • Employer-employee relationship in cyber space
  • Software licensing and related matters
  • Ethics for IT professionals

Programme Fees

  • Course Fee: LKR 25,000