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Smart Life with IOT 2019 for School Students

With the dawn of the year 2019, NIBM School of Computing embarked on a National wide programme among school children to give them the opportunity to expand their talents in ICT Education. The Internet of Things (IoT) acts as an expanded version of the internet, providing us with the data we need to live our lives more efficiently. In fact, it is based on connecting devices used daily, such as refrigerators, thermostats and HVAC systems, to a centralized cloud system. The data that comes in from these IoT devices lets us access and control technology through a web-based app and make sense of the information coming in. Therefore, with the technological advancements the Internet of Things has eased and personalized the way devices form a part of our world providing us with time and cost saving solutions in the digital world.


 As we step into the digital world in the 4th Industrial Revolution, it is important that we educate our future generation of leaders with the use of smart technologies. The event titled as "Smart Life with IOT 2019" Workshop and Competition for all School students is coordinated with the Ministry of Education & organized by the School of Computing of NIBM. A series of workshops and seminars are scheduled for over 2000 registered school students representing 100 schools which would be followed by a National IOT Competition. Smart Life with IOT Workshops are conducted every Wednesday from the 6th Feb 2019 to 27th March 2019.