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Shaping Minds of The New Generation of Sri Lanka by Transforming Creative Industries

Today, industries are based on creative assets and have gained a prominent place in the global economy due to its substantial market value and impact on the National Gross Domestic Product (GDP). (Potts et al, 2008). 


These creative industries are among the most influential sectors in the world trade, ranging from; Traditional arts and crafts, publishing, music, and visual and performing arts to more technology intensive and services-oriented groups of activities such as film, television and radio broadcasting, new media and design.


Sri Lanka’s creative industries are young but hold great promise to become a major economic pillar for the nation and create numerous career opportunities. Already the country’s multi-billion dollar fashion manufacturing industry is adopting creative intelligence to super-charge their pristine worldwide reputation while other areas like interior design, graphic design, contemporary craft and product design are following an exponentialgrowth curve.


It is in this context that NIBM decided to take a strategic decision in building a partnership with the University of Limkokwing of Creative Technology to offer Diplomas and Degrees related to creative industries in Sri Lanka.