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NIBM Golden Jubilee


Pirith Ceremony of NIBM

In commemorating the milestone of reaching 50 years of excellence in the higher education industry, NIBM commenced its celebrations with obtaining the blessings from all religions to successfully celebrate its Golden Jubilee.


The Welfare and Sports Society of NIBM organized an overnight "Pirith" session to get the blessings of Lord Buddha for the NIBM Staff members, the students of NIBM and for their parents. The ceremony was an open event where everyone was welcomed to join us for this memorable occasion.


The Reliquary (Karanduwa) was carried from a Perahera near the Bauddha Sammelanaya by the Director General of NIBM and "Piruvana Poth Wahanse" was carried by the Chairman of NIBM which was followed by Maha Sangaya whom was invited for the Pirith Ceremony.  


The evening made a beautiful sight as it was decorated by colorful bulbs with a special display to welcome its guests. The following morning, alms giving was planned and 50 ven. Maha Sangaya was invited for the alms giving to commemorate our 50th Anniversary.    The Pirith Ceremony brought well-wishes and the blessings of the Maha Sanga for NIBM to thrive for another hundred years.