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NIBM Golden Jubilee


NIBM Parents Meeting 2015

Parents Meeting was successfully held at NIBM auditorium on 28th August 2015. Parents and students of ADBM and HDBM progrrammes were invited to participate in the session. The aim of the event was to create a better understanding among parents about the career oriented lives their children would be leading in the near future. As ADBM and HDBM students are offered the opportunity to work while studying, it is of paramount importance that parents take part in the vital decisions their children make regarding their careers.  

Mr. Rohan Pallewatte who is the Managing Director of Lanka Harness Company Pvt. Ltd. was the chief guest of the event. As a leading entrepreneur in Sri Lanka, he provided an interesting and informative insight to his determination and achievements in order to become a successful person in Sri Lanka. The evening proved to be very productive to parents and students.