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NIBM Launches Pilot Programme on Integrated Approaches to Soft Skills Taching and Learning

On 21 January 2019, The National Institute of Business Management (NIBM) launched a Pilot Programme on " Integrated Approaches to Teaching and Learning of Soft Skills" in partnership with the UBIQUITY University of san Francisco, USA. This programme emphasizes on soft skills that employers and institutions worldwide are increasingly recognizing as crucial to the success of their employees and of their management.


Speaking on the occasion, the Chairman NIBM, Mr Rohan Prithiviraj Perera stressed that the "Soft Skills" are an essential component for not only succeeding in the work place, but also, in our daily lives. Soft Skills comprise a wholesome set of skills that include, Communication Skills, Emotional Skills, Leadership and Teamwork Skills, Transferable Skills and above all, Respect for the other and for the Environment. Therefore, the programme will also utilize the UN Sustainable Development Goals as a framework, to enable the students to learn about the real situation in the world, which is the methodology being applied by the UBIQUITY University, who has also designed a Soft Skills Quotient Assesment Test to enable data to be scientifically accumulated , analysed and and used to improve course design, student performance and to guage the key challenges to student learning. It is hoped that these sets of soft skills will become an integral and important part of the learning outcomes for the students at NIBM, who will eventually have such teaching and learning integrated into their  daily learning programmes in  all subjects being taught, in order to help internalize such skills, along with their academic skills. 


The Pilot Programme is to comprise 30 students and 10 faculty members. The programme was conducted by Mr Matt Robinson and Mr. Raji Jayasinghe from the UBIQUITY University, CA . Dr D M Kulasuriya, DG/NIBM, as also, Mr Kolitha Ranawaka, Course Director, Business School of NIBM were also present at the launch.