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Islamic Event - NIBM Celebrates its 50th Anniversary with Religious Observations

NIBM as the Pioneer higher educational institute in the country has an inclusive culture and gives due respect for all the religions. In parallel to the golden jubilee celebration of NIBM an Islamic religious ceremony was held on 28th of August 2018 at Jawattha Jumma Mosque with the participation of Director General Dr. D.M.A. Kulasooriya, Directors, Academic Staff, Executives, other non academic staff and students. The event held under the guidance of As- Sheikh Zaid Nooramith a renown scholar among Muslim youth in the country. The event started with a two Rakaath sunnath prayers followed by a brief speech by As-Sheikh Zaid Nooramith where he stressed the importance of reading,gaining knowledge and helping the nation through knowledge using verses of Quran and Hadiths. He also spoke about the Islamic value of being united irrespective of religions and respecting elders including parents. After the speech he asked an emotional dua both in Arabic and English to bless NIBM employees and NIBM students to continue the national service in years to come. Meanwhile a copy of a book published by All Ceylon Jammiyyathul Ulama was given to each and every participant to make them aware about Islam. At the end of the event some special date fruits were served as refreshments to all the participants. At last due to the request of the first time visitors of mosque, As- Sheikh Zaid Nooramith explained the routines of a general mosque through a short tour inside the mosque. The event was organised in a perfect way by a team of Muslim students lead by Aathif an HDBM 17.2 student of Colombo NIBM.