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Inauguration of the Bachelor of Arts Interior Architecture Programme 2019

The Inauguration of the Bachelor of Arts Interior Architecture  Programme  was held on the  11 March 2019  at the National Innovation Centre which is the design arm of National Institute of Business Management (NIBM).   The ceremony was graced with the presence of Mr. Chintake De Zoysa , Managing Director , ViewAir Holidays (Pvt) Ltd., ConWec Holdings, Global Infra Resources (Pvt) Ltd.,   The opening remarks were given by Dr. Sajeewa  Pemasinghe who is the Head of Academics of NIC to welcome the new students to our institute. Mr. Pritihiviraj Perera , Chairman of  NIBM also made his remarks on the important how to  develop an understanding of the relationship between architecture, interiors, engineering and project management. 

At NIC students get the opportunity to learn how to solve pragmatic problems related to interior spaces and build up a sound knowledge of construction, as well as technical issues and become a competitive professional in the industry