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Bridging the Gap Between Education and Industry : RedHat Academy

The awareness program on the job opportunities in the local and global market with the RedHat certification was conducted by industry experts along with the NIBM RedHat Academy on the 14th of February 2019. The session was conducted by Mr. Lalindra Munasinghe Senior Manager- Enterprise Business, Bharti Airtel Lanka (private) limited for over 75 students from NIBM. 


The students were notified about the endless opportunities in the IT industry and how the positions stay vacant due to candidates being not suitable. Mr. Munasinghe further explained on how one must develop their skills and what certifications to acquire to be considered in the proper job market globally. Regardless of the area you study in Information Technology, he explained which RedHat certification, one must obtained to pursue his/ her career goals.


This event is a part of the Open Forum session on "Bridging the Gap between Education and Industry " of the series of seminar sessions organized by the BSc(Hons) Ethical Hacking and Network Security Degree batches under the supervision of Mr. Milan Maduranga.