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NIBM Golden Jubilee


NIBM Aurudu Siritha 2013

'Aurudu Siritha 2013' was held successfully on 28th April 2013 at D.S. Senanayake ground.This was arranged by UGC and UCD students with the support of Director General, NIBM and the staff to mark Sinhala and Hindu New Year.  

The presence of the special guests: Mr. Samanali Fonseka, Mr.Indara Chapa Liyanage, Ms. vinu Udani contributed further to make the event a success. Around 2100 students were present to take part in many traditional items like Kotta pora, Kana mutti, Kabadi wheel barrow race etc. 'Aurudu Siritha' concluded with a much anticipeted event; selection of Aurudu Kumara And Kumariya.