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Business Consultation

Today’s world is more complicated than ever before. There are all sorts of pressures that any Organization must endure, from informational overload and globalization to rapid technological advancement and increasingly competitive markets. In such an environment only the nimble and flexible organizations can truly succeed and pave the way for the rest. Therefore, organizational efficiency and human capital are more important today than ever before and are potentially the primary source of a sustainable competitive advantage. In order to build shareholder value, our practice provides the necessary intellectual capital required to bridge the gap between concept and execution. The greatest ROI possible can be achieved through investments into human capital resources, which is the primary catalyst for improving bottom-line results.

Therefore, greater investments into organizational improvements of your company will yield proportionately, much larger cost reductions in required financial capital. It is in accurately choosing which specific investments to make into the organizational improvement and how to implement them that deliver the greatest amount of value to our clients.


Why you need consultants to your Business

  • Temporary assistance for the business
  • Objective review
  • Third-party request for problem / opportunity identification & resolution / realisation
  • Surviving a crisis
  • Initiating change
  • Obtaining funding
  • Selecting key personnel
  • In-house education
  • Conflict resolution
  • Executive assistance
  • Government regulatory assistance
  • Socio-economic and political change in business.



By contributing Over 48 year’s wider experience and knowledge in education and consultancy, NIBM makes a tremendous impact to the national economy in all aspects. NIBM is the trusted name among public and private sector organization over years and years. NIBM operates as a statuary body under the Ministry of Skills Development and vocational Training.

NIBM is as a consulting firm focused on serving the comprehensive needs of businesses in the full range of the business cycle.

We are unique in many ways, from highly educated and experienced staff approach to problem solving.  We help to tip the scales in our clients’ favor by originating bold and unprecedented strategies that are unforeseeable by opponents.  We then go even further by actually helping with the implementation of our advice and essentially until getting the final victory.

NIBM Consulting unit is a team of business consultants. Each consultant specializes in a particular discipline, including finance, sales and marketing, technology (IT), management, operations, and human resources.

NIBM will be able to offer a more quality service with tailor made solutions to your business needs.



We are committed to helping our clients make distinctive and substantial improvements in their performance, identify the breakthrough opportunities for growth, create a competitive edge and maximize their revenue, profitability and shareholder value. Our consultants do more than just leave a client with a book of recommendations.  Our consultants work with the client as partnersto take the crucial next step in assisting the client’s implementation of those recommendations. This implementation phase is one of the key factors that set by NIBM Consulting Team apart from other consulting firms. We believe without helping the client implement recommendations, a consulting firm’s job is only half done.



NIBM Consulting division has a large pool of top quality professional consultants, covering all industries with specific expertise in a plethora of areas. We are only as good as our people, so we are committed to hiring and bringing you the best experts in the field. All of our consultants hold Master degrees from the reputed universities. For each particular project or engagement, we assemble ateam of first class multi-lingual experts in the given industry. Our people are familiar with major local corporations and key community leaders and are well-versed in the intricacies of the region’sprofessional practices and nuances of local business culture. 



We offer a wide range of consulting services and solutions to organizations in various industries. Our core competence lies in our ability to help small and medium- sized businesses maximize revenue, generate growth and develop a sustainable competitive edge through our individualized   solutions. Furthermore, we specially care government and NGO sector projects by assigning specialized consultants. Our branch network will enhance our service strength.


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The NIBM Library & Documentation Centre is a source of information. It plays a vital role in catering to the information and educational needs of both course participants and professional staff of NIBM. The fully-fledged Library & Documentation Centre is well stocked with over 23000 Books, over 400 CD ROM's, educational video tapes, and selected periodicals. Among the library's special collections are the Asian Productivity Organization (APO) publication, Training Manuals, Company Annual Reports, Periodicals Holdings, Socio-Economic statistics, NIBM Consultancy and student project reports and the Sri Lanka Collection.

The classification System used by the Library is the Universal Decimal Classification. In April 1990, it commenced using the computer-based bibliographical information system, Micro CDS/ISIS software package, introduced by UNESCO.

Services provided by the NIBM Library include inquiry, reference & Lending services, library information services using the library database, inter-library loan facility, photocopying facility, journal contents page service and bibliographical assistance to the professional staff and executive staff of NIBM, students and participants of courses.

The Library is available for course participants for reference purposes. Participants in Diploma Programmes and certificate courses are allowed the facility of borrowing books on payment of a refundable deposit.

The NIBM Library & Documentation Centrex is open seven days a week from 0800 hrs to 1600 hrs, except on pubic holidays.

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Programme Office

Welcome to the Programme Office at National Institute of Business Management. The Institute has a strong reputation for providing all prospective students with the comprehensive information they require to make the best choice about their studies. We offer a wide range of services to prospective students, current students and the academic staff of National Institute of Business Management.

NIBM comprises of two programme offices for MIS and PMD divisions. We commit to widening participation and learning, quality assurance process, support for students in starting their careers and obtaining world renowned information technology and management education provided at NIBM. They provide advice and information on a wide range of issues, including study programmes, assignment / project report submissions, exam schedules and payments.
We look forward to hearing from you!

Programme Officer
National Institute of Business Management

Functions of the Programme Office

  • Assist with student academic documentation
  • Guide students to select the best career path which suits them
  • Produce and send letters on results
  • Update student records system
  • Maintain student attendance
  • Co-ordinate the preparation of exam papers
  • Create Programme Log folders
  • Advise/answer queries from students
  • Inform students of cancelled or rearranged lecturers/seminars
  • Co-ordinate and prepare handbooks,transcripts and syllabus requests as required
  • Handle payments of all programmes
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Medical Centre

It’s an undeniable fact that you certainly need to be healthy to pursue your studies well. To provide the health care facilities to the students as well as to the staff, NIBM established a health cen­tre at the Colombo Campus in 2008. Students can consult the visiting Medical Officer who is avail­able three days of the week and a nursing officer during working hours.

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Modern Lecture Halls

Lecture halls are built to ensure the comfort of students. All the lecture halls are fully air conditioned and inclusive of a computer, sound system and an OHP. Student gain the benefit of learning through the latest technology.

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NIBM auditorium has the seating capacity for nearly 500.It is fully air conditioned and is inclusive of latest sound systems.

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Computer Labs

There are many computer labs for students to enhance their computer skills. More ever computers are updated with the latest hardware and software.

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Hardware Labs

Hardware labs are equipped with hardware equipment to ensure that students get a practical experience. These air conditioned laboratories consist of networking, printing and scanning facilities.

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Giving priority to health and nutrition of our students, NIBM cafeteria offers a range of typical Sri Lankan food for a reasonable price. Since it is located in the ground floor of NIBM premises, students have easy access to buy their meals.

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