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Madu Ratnayake Head of Digital, SVP & GM Virtusa

I was fortunate to get in to NIBM early in my career. I did the NIBM diploma in-between my O/Ls and A/Ls. The grounding I was able to get from NIBM was tremendous. I was able to learn technology and built a deep appreciation for software engineering at NIBM. NIBM also gave me a strong grounding on team work and work ethics which helped me to build my career as a technology professional.

Tharaka Ranwala Deputy General Manager of Marketing & Business Development Sampath Bank

I was in the DCSD 91.3 batch and during this period I was exposed to both, the basics of IT and also the programming capabilities of that time and today that has helped me to take IT based Management decisions in my day today activities.

Kandasamy Sugarthan Support Manager R&D Manufacturing and Senior Manager Software Development IFS

I followed the DCSD course at NIBM during the period 1990 to 1991 (Batch 90.3). The Experience that I gained at NIBM in the field of Software Development and Design was the main base of my knowledge and skills in that field. Though the Diploma in Computer Systems Design was just one year, it was an intense course covering a very large area of syllabus. It also taught the students how to work in a highly but positively pressured environment.

Special thanks to Dr. Jayasiri and the eminent panel of lecturers.I also had the opportunity to work as Programmer Analyst and Instructor at NIBM from the end of the year 1991 to the beginning of 1993, after completing the Diploma in Computer Analysis and Design. It was lot of work but with real fun. I enjoyed sharing my knowledge with the students and also had the great opportunity to even develop software for the National Lotteries Board on behalf of NIBM. I got the opportunity to train the staff of Ministry of Sports and State Mortgage Bank too. Truly a memorable and most productive part of my life was when I was in NIBM.

Ransith Fernando Head of Business Applications MAS Holdings

My father spent his hard earned savings to enroll me at the NIBM just after my A/L. I joined with absolutely no knowledge of computers or programming, only with the knowledge that I must work hard to get through this Diploma (DCSD). Everything I learned was new to me and it was a lot of hard work to complete the Diploma. The completion of the NIBM diploma gave me the knowledge and the confidence to be able to read and understand any manual, programming language or technology.

Just after my Diploma, I was fortunate to get a job as an instructor at the NIBM. Two months later I got an offer from East West with a salary which was taxable. At the time of joining NIBM I never imagined to get a tax paying job within 18 months of starting the Diploma. I can say that the knowledge gained at the NIBM helped me do further studies and shape my career. I will always be grateful to Dr. Jayasiri, and the rest of the staff at the NIBM.