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NIBM History

NIBM with its legacy of more than 50 years in the higher education industry operates with a vision of  becoming the best higher education institute in Sri Lanka that offers valuable opportunities in Business, Computer, Languages, Engineering and Design sectors in Sri Lanka. On first June 1976, the Institute was incorporated as the National Institute of Business Management. Since its establishment, the NIBM has aimed at achieving excellence in the programmes it offers to It's clients who are drawn from both the public and private sectors of Sri Lanka, as well as those from overseas countries who availed themselves of its services. The strong government supervision and the customer driver philosophy of the private sector ensures that a well recognized qualification at a reasonable cost is offered to our valuable customer. Through the passage of time we have proven to be one of the few institutes which have stood the test of time by meeting and surpassing the expectations of our customers. This by any means is not an easy task in this dynamic environment, but we have been guided by many well known professionals who has devoted their time and efforts for the development of our institute.

We earnestly hope that you will share this opportunity with us and be a part of this journey towards excellence. Along the path, we have passed Foundation of NIBM several prestigious milestones which provide evidence of excellence as an institute. Initially, NIBM was started with the aim of enhancing the quality and productivity of Sri Lankan workforce through training and development.

Today we are proud to be one of the very few educational institutes who have been bestowed with a merit award at the National Quality Awards held in 2009 and to be awarded with the ISO 9001:2008 standard to certify that our processes and procedures are according to the internationally recognized standards. Quality is not the only criteria to indicate our performance excellence. We have performed extremely well financially also. Although our primary aim is to serve mother Lanka, we have managed to become an excellent model to all other government organizations, by reporting a very healthy profit margin in the past years. No further evidence is necessary to prove our business excellence that we share with all our students who walk through our gates.

In May 2004 the NIBM was brought under the purview of the Ministry of Skills Development, Vocational and Technical Education. Currently NIBM functions as a statutory body under the Ministry of Science, Technology, Research, Skills Development & Vocational Training and Kandiyan Heritage.

Main Objectives :

  • To provide Business Management Education and Training
  • To provide Management Consultancy and Advisory Services
  • To facilitate improvement of Productivity

These objectives are achieved through the following divisions established by the Institute

  • The Productivity and Management Development Division
  • The Management Information Systems Division