Kurunegala Centre

In taking management training to the provinces, NIBM set up a regional campus in Kurunegala. This campus, located at the heart of the town, opened in 1986, offers several Diploma programmes and certificate courses in Business Management and Human Resource Management as well as several Certificate programmes in Computer Systems and Computer Applications. This institute is equipped with state-of the art computer labs and modern learning facilities backed by a dedicated team of faculty and staff.

  1. Address:
    No. 47, Bauddhaloka Mw, Kurunegala.
  2. Email:
  3. Hotline:
    +94 37 5620298
  4. Telehone:
    +94 37 5620298
  5. Fax:
    +94 37 2222778

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NIBM Regional Centre, Kurunegala

  • Mr. K P C Gunaratne (Head- Kurunegala Centre)
  • Ms.H Piyumanthi (Consultant/Lecturer)
  • Ms. G M H P K Rathwatta (Consultant/Lecturer)
  • Ms.M G Dilhara Mendis (Consultant/Lecturer)
  • Ms. W M C N Wanninayake (Consultant/Lecturer)
  • Mrs.P.E.N.Perera (Consultant/Lecturer)
  • Mr.R A S Aruna Perera (Consultant/Lecturer)
  • Mr.Suchitha Gunarathna (Consultant/Lecturer)
  • Ms.W H C Wickramaarachchi (Consultant/Lecturer)
  • Ms.T M A S Tennakoon (Consultant/Lecturer)

Academic Programmes

Diploma Programmes
Professional Certifications
Certificate Courses
Foundation Courses