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CCS 16.4 Certificate collection date : 31/05/2017

WEB 16.2 Certificate collection date : 18/06/2017

CCS 16.5 Certificate collection date : 24/06/2017


Rules Regarding Repeat Examinations

All participants of the Diploma and Higher Diploma courses who wish to repeat or resit any modular examinations must apply in writing indicating all course details, modules and the reasons for not sitting the examination. They must get the approval from the relevant authority.

Once he/she receives the approval and a letter indicating the date and time of the examination the student must pay the relevant examination fees one week before the examination date.

All repeat students must produce the receipt to prove his payment and the letter of approval on the examination date to the Supervisor of the Examination Hall.

Those students who could not produce the documents stated above will not be admitted to examinations and will not be allowed to sit particular examinations in future.

Head - Computer Science

Evaluation Criteria - Special

Full Text Sign
Absent X
Hold HO
Assignment AS

Evaluation Criteria - Certificate Courses
(Only for PMD Division)

Full Text Sign
Merit M
Pass P

Evaluation Criteria - Full Time

Range Grade
85-100 A+
70-84 A
65-69 A-
60-64 B+
55-59 B
50-54 B-
45-49 C+
40-44 C
35-39 C-
30-34 D+
25-29 D
00-24 E

Evaluation Criteria - Part Time
(Only for PMD Division)

Range Mark
100-80 A
79-65 B
64-40 C
39-0 D

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