Certificate Course in Computer Aided Design and Modeling (AutoCAD & Google SketchUp)

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Objectives & Benefits:
Objectives & Benefits:

This course is designed to introduce the AutoCAD application software, participants will be able to learn and understand the basic CAD concept, general theory and practical background to the use of AutoCAD application software as a drafting tool for 2D presentation drawing and how to develop a 3D model by using Google SketchUp software.

In this course, participants will be:
  1. Trained to use proper drawing commands/drawings skills
  2. Taught to use AutoCAD to draw 2D drawings of architectural interior plans, sections and elevations.
  3. Guided to explore presentation techniques by using AutoCAD software to meet the drafting skill requirements in the design process.
  4. Taught in using AutoCAD 2010/13 to create and modify two-dimensional forms.
  5. Over-viewing 3D drawings: Creating of 3D modeling & rendering views.

This course will benefit for Engineers, Architects, Draftsman, Surveyors, Interior Designers and Beginners.

Entry Requirements:
Entry Requirements:

Entry Qualification :

G.C.E (O/L) or G C E (A/L) with basic familiarity of using a computer.

This course is appropriate for those who wish to:
  • Apply AutoCAD 2D modeling skills effectively as an instrument in design.
  • Utilize AutoCAD to handle full scale 2D projects (Architecture, Mechanical, Civil and Electrical engineering etc)
  • Apply presentation techniques to meet the skill requirements in the local market.
  • Demonstrate competence in communication of built form that developed from a basic 2D drafting package to 3D modeling using Google SketchUp.
  • Start a career in AutoCAD
Syllabus / Content:
Syllabus / Content:
  1. Introduction Engineering Drawing and AutoCAD
  2. Customizing Your Drafting Environment
  3. User Coordinate System
  4. Draw commands - Circles, Rectangle, Arc, Polygon, Ellipse, Spline, Etc.
  5. Modify commands - Move, Copy, Linotypes, Offset, Extend, Trim, Rotate, Mirror
  6. Drawing techniques
  7. Practice with in Class Exercises
  8. Work with Layers
  9. Advance tools in AutoCAD
  10. Introduction to Google SketchUp
  11. Setting up your model board
  12. Introducing basic Google SketchUp commands
  13. Developing a 3D object
  14. Exporting images
  15. Developing scenes
  16. Final Project
Duration:04 Months (16 Saturdays)
Lectures & Practicals:
Lectures &  Practicals:9.00am-4.00pm
Methodology:Lectures / Practical sessions with the Lecturer/ Assignments
Separate Computer for each Participant
Fee:Rs 30,000/=
Course Director(s):
Course Director(s):Mr. O K G C Weerasekara (Colombo)

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