Diploma in Quantity Surveying

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Objectives & Benefits:
Objectives & Benefits:
  1. To create an opportunity to gain a Diploma in Quantity Surveying along with knowledge in Practical skills and Management techniques.
  2. For the participants to enhance their breadth and depth of knowledge and qualifications in Quantity Surveying.
  3. Understanding of management techniques, principles and thinking is invaluable for the student to progress to senior roles within the construction industry.
  4. The Diploma in Quantity Surveying emphasis on the Economic, Legal, Financial and Managerial theories and techniques of the construction process for the student to obtain an in-depth knowledge in these sectors.
Entry Requirements:
Entry Requirements:

Being a successful quantity surveyor requires a certain level of expertise. This Diploma is suitable for those who seek a career as a managerially oriented Quantity Surveyor. You will be equipped to complement Engineering skills with Management skills.

  1. 5 Credits in GCE(O/L) including Mathematics and English and 2 Simple passes in GCE (A/L) or
  2. Minimum of 1 year industrial experience or
  3. Any alternative qualification accepted by the selection board
Syllabus / Content:
Syllabus / Content:
  • Semester 1
    • Engineering Drawings
    • Information Technology
    • Construction Technology
  • Semester 2
    • Occupational Safety & Health Management
    • Procurement and Contract Administration
    • Measurements and Estimating
    • Building Economics
  • Semester 3
    • Financial Management
    • Construction Project Management
    • Valuations of Claims and Variations
    • Contract Law and Insurance
Duration:12 months Part time (Saturday)
Lectures & Practicals:
Lectures &  Practicals:09.00 am - 04.00 pm
Methodology:Lectures / Assignments / Tutorial Sessions / Demonstrations and Practical Sessions.
Fee:Rs 142,000/=
Course Director(s):
Course Director(s):Mr. Rukshan Manchanayake (Colombo)

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