Certificate Course in Computer Science ( CCS )

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Objectives & Benefits:
Objectives & Benefits:
  • The course provides an understanding of computer science fundamentals.
  • The course helps students to decide whether to pursue higher studies in Computer Science.
  • It also provides basic computer skills for work in Business Systems.
Entry Requirements:
Entry Requirements:Sat for GCE O/L or A/L.
Syllabus / Content:
Syllabus / Content:
  1. Introduction to Computer Science

  2. Number Systems and Computer Arithmetic
    • Binary, Octal and Hexadecimal number systems
    • Conversions between number systems
    • Binary arithmetic

  3. Data Representations
    • Data and Information
    • Quantitative Data: Two's Complement, IEEE floating point representations
    • Qualitative Data: ASCII, EBCDIC and Unicode

  4. System Software
    • MS DOS, MS Windows, Open Source Operating Systems
    • Advance features of operating systems

  5. Computer Applications
    • MS Word.
    • MS PowerPoint.
    • MS Excel.
    • MS Access.

  6. Computer Architecture and Hardware
    • Hardware vs. Software
    • Major Hardware components of a Computer
    • Assembling, Disassembling and troubleshooting
    • Low Level Programming

  7. Computer Networking and Internet Technologies
    • Basics of computer communication
    • Network topologies and IP addressing
    • Internet, email and world wide web
    • Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML)
    • Adobe Dreamweaver

  8. Computer Programming
    • Problem solving Algorithms
    • C Programming
    • Programming

  9. Database Design and Development
    • Database management systems and database design process
    • Structured Query language(SQL)

  10. Concepts in Digital Electronics
    • Boolean Operations, Identities and Simplifications
    • Logic Gates, Circuits and Circuit design

  11. Multimedia & Hypermedia Technologies
    • Basic concepts of Multimedia
    • Introduction to multimedia tools
Duration:4 Months (Part Time)
Lectures & Practicals:
Lectures &  Practicals:From 0830 to 1630, Practicals: 2 hours per Week
Methodology:Lectures / Practicals / Assignments and Evaluation Test.
Course Director(s):
Course Director(s):Ms. A M D Chandrasena (Colombo)
Ms. P R R W M I K Abhayasinghe (Kandy)
Ms. A U P Athukorala/ Ms. K H J Imalka (Matara)

Availability & Commencement

Full Time 12017-09-272017-05-252017-09-26--
Full Time 22017-10-13----
Full Time 3-----
Weekend 1-----
Weekend 2-----
Weekend 3-----
Part Time 12017-07-302017-07-152017-09-30--
Part Time 22017-10-15----
Part Time 32017-12-10----

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