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World Class Management Degrees at NIBM

With the aim of becoming the best management education institute in Sri Lanka, propelled by or commitment to offer efficient and action oriented managers with good leadership qualities to meet the ever changing needs of the business and public sector, NIBM offers 6 degree programs for the school leavers in collaboration with University of Northumbria, United Kingdom and University College Dublin, Ireland.

Northumbria University

Business School of the Northumbria University, known as Newcastle Business School, together with the NIBM offers B. A. Degree in Management. Duration of the degree program is 03 years and the available areas of specialization are as follows.

  • B. A.(Hons) Business Management
  • B. A.(Hons) Business with Marketing
  • B. A.(Hons) Business with HRM
  • B. A.(Hons) Business with Finance

University College Dublin

University College Dublin is the largest University in Ireland with over 22,000 students. The University offers a wide choice of courses, spanning a broad range of levels and disciplines, from part-time certificate courses to doctoral studies.

The School of Business (formerly known as the Faculty of Commerce) of the University College of Dublin through its affiliation with the NIBM offers 04 years B. Sc. Degree program in Management. The Degree is offered under the following specialization ares.

  • B. Sc. in Business Management
  • B. Sc. in Human Resource Management

The Objectives

  1. To provide an opportunity to the students to obtain a world class degree
  2. To provide students with a solid conceptual and practical understanding of business management
  3. To facilitate the students for personal development and confidence building to meet the challenges of the modern day business.

The Options available

University College Dublin - 4 Years

Options available for specialty

  • BSc. in Business Management
  • BSc. in Human Resources Management

First Year : Advanced Diploma at NIBM
Second Year : Higher Diploma at NIBM
Third and Fourth Years - 2 & 3 Stage of the Degree at NIBM

Northumbria University - 3 Years

Options available for specialty

  • BA (Hons) Business Management
  • BA (Hons) Business with Finance
  • BA (Hons) Business with Marketing
  • BA (Hons) Business with Human Resource Management

First Year : Advanced Diploma at NIBM
Second Year : Higher Diploma at NIBM
Third Year : Final year of the degree programme at Northumbria University, United Kingdom

Admission Requirements

Advanced Level 3 Subjects or Students who have 5 Credits in Ordinary Level with a Credit pass for English. Students who have sat for the Ordinary Level Examination are required to complete Certificate in Business Management (4 moths duration) to make them eligible for the enrollment to the Diploma Programme.

The Common Programme for initial 2 years

Students who are planning to follow the degree programme are required to follow a common curriculam in the first two years of study. The rationale behind this is to provide the core business knowledge by teaching basic concepts in all functional areas in business. This also gives students an opportunity to educate themselves by selecting the specialty area in the final years of the degree program such as Business Management, Business With Finance, Business with Marketing, Business with Human Resource Management.

Flexible Entry and Exit

Students are given the opportunity to either proceed to the Higher Diploma after successfully completing the Advanced Diploma or exit with a recognized certificate. This applies to the Higher Diploma Level as well. However once registered for the Degree programme students are expected to continue until the end of Degree programme.

Commencement of Advance Diploma in Business Management (First Year)

Advanced Diploma in Business Management is part of the common curriculam in the first two years of study for the degree programme. Registrations for next intake of students for the Advanced Diploma in Business Management (Full Time) are now open. Please apply on or before End of August 2008.

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